Thursday, March 17, 2011

Graduation day

It's graduation day today. These kids, my Wednesday class, graduated
from kindergarten today. It was a beautiful ceremony, can't hold my
tears watching them.

After the ceremony was finished, on my way out of the Yochien, all of
them, in a very loud voice said: "miss Shierly, thank you! Good bye
and see you again!"

Ah... Those kids! One of them said that she wanted me to teach him
English until high school LOL.

The money for this week's English lesson was donated to the earthquake
and tsunami victim through the Japanese Red Cross (^_^).

1 comment:

Carla Ardian said...

They surely look lovely. Remind me of my ex students back in those Uni days. :)

Love the fact that you donated some of the fee to the Japan earthquake victims.