Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Motsunabe is kind of nabemono (hot pot) with offal and vegetables (usually cabbage and chives) inside. It is originally from Kyushu, and last week I got a frozen one in package a friend from Kyushu. This one is the sweet one, so that Iki can eat it too.

But we ate it when Iki slept over at Obaachan's house!! So to meet Hiro's taste, I added 3 Indonesian fresh red chillies I just got from Hiro's colleague. It is basically a very simple meal to prepare. Cut the whole cabbage and chives, put them around the offal, add the soup, turn on the fire, and wait. The cabbage formed a little mountain so I was actually tempted to mix it with a spoon, but my friend said that I really don't have to touch it. Just wait patiently until all the vegetables shrink!

After about 10 minutes:

It was too spicy!! I didn't expect the chillies would be that spicy! Poor Hiro....!!

But I really love the taste! The sweet and spicy taste reminded me of Mie ayam soup taste from Sorowako. At the end we put champon (Fat ramen) inside the hot pot and boiled it a bit until it got all the good soup

Hmmmmm..................I L.O.V.E it!!!!!!


Cooking Gallery said...

Champon itu sama kayak udon bukan ya? Kalo dr foto kesannya mirip2.

imoet said...

champon itu ramen gendut khusus buat hotpot. kalo direbus lama juga mienya gak jadi terlalu lembek/ membesar lagi.

udon lain lagi :)

The Diva said...

mirip lomie ya...
waaa jd kangen lomie haha.
hiro suka pedes juga toh... kok pake cabe. aku iso matekkkk. aku mau donk tapi pesen satu nggak pake cabe yaaaa hehehe