Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Night ski and Ice Lake Fishing

We had lunch at McDonald's last Saturday when Hiro suddenly said, "let's go ski and ice fishing after this!"

Well, actually planned a day trip on Sunday, but still I was very surprised and not prepared!

Anyway in less than an hour we were in our way up north to Urabandai area in Fukushima perfecture. After having a quick lunch then we did our first night ski together. Boy, it was a beautiful night!! We went up and saw the beautiful lights from the villages down the mountain.
I (of course) fell off when I tried to turn on my snowboard and accidentally realized that there were millions of stars up there. I love spending few minutes laying on the snow, watching them twinkling.

Then we stayed in a Minshuku, a budget version of Japanese Ryokan by the end of narrow and slippery Urabandai road. It was very cheap. A good accommodation choice for our unplanned trip. Eventhough spoilt Iki asked once he saw the building: "What? we're staying here? is this really hotel?!" LOL

We spent the next day fishing wakasagi (Japanese smelt) on the frozen lake. What an experience!!!

At first Iki was very excited but then after 5 minutes he got bored and started to complain :p

We waited for 3.5 hours but got nothing!!!! not even one tiny wakasagi! (>.<). It was very cold and Iki looked very miserable so we gave up

We went back without any wakasagi but we brought back home an unforgettable experience


yufinats said...

iki sampe ketiduran :)nungguin ikannya. Sekarang iki usia berapa mama chan? sepertinya dia sudah pemuda-pemuda begituuu (>.<)

imoet said...

iya kasian, mau dibiarin takut ntar iki gak bangun2 beku :p

barusan 5 tahun yun! ah, masak? iih iki mukanya tampang tua dong? hihihi

The Diva said...

I would DIE, DIE, DIE of cold!!! r u crazy, fishin in the snow???? that's like... Eskimos!!!!

btw I'd love to go to the mountains and watch the twinkling stars too :-) tapi nggak bisa ski... gimana donk...