Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9M earthquake......

I was riding my bike with Iki on the back. We were on the way to Iki's swimming school when I felt really dizzy. I park my bike then realized that everything was shaking. Earthquake!!!! Trembling, I tried to take Iki out of his seatbelt. I didn't know what to do, just hugging that shocked boy. People came out of the building and ducked down. Iki told me to do the same thing too. He said that he learnt it at school.

It was a strong and long earthquake. It was the first in my life to see the whole buildings, bicycles, and cars shaking that hard. After it stopped, we went up the the swimming school. The pool's water was like tsunami, that the pool was half empty. The swimming teacher told us that the class is cancelled today so we went down, to find out that the bottom of the pool cracked and the water started to spill down to the receptionist room. We rushed back home right away. I was so trembling I couldn't ride the bike.

As I arrived at our apartment building, everyone was ducking down outside the building. Then another big earthquake hit again. I didn't get the chance to park my bike, I just threw it to the parking area and joined other people ducking down while hugging Iki. Our apartment building is using earthquake safety technology. There's thick rubbery yellow line around the base of the building so that the building will move following it when earthquake happens. It was my first time to see that building moving within the yellow line and it was really amazing!

I was surprised that people were calm and knew what to do. Iki was the one who told me to duck down and cover our head with the bag and keep away from the building. My friend then told me that they have earthquake tsunami safety training since they were in Kindergarten so eventhough scared, they knew exactly what to do to avoid the worst effect.

We stayed outside for 2 hours and went back home because it was getting way too cold. I am scared. Really scared, so my friend also stayed with us at home. Earthquake still happens every 5-10 minutes so the gas was stopped for safety. We could only eat onigiri (rice ball) for dinner and followed the news from TV!! It was really sad to see how the earthquake and tsunami broke everything. All the phone line didn't work, couldn't contact anyone here in Japan, but internet was fine! So I was connected with Hiro and other worried friends by FACEBOOK!

But then her husband came back after walking 3 hours from the office, while papa-chan chose to wait until the train moves again- which I think is impossible tonight. Ah....the earth shake again just now, and we are alone....and cold...and scared... (_ _o)


Cooking Gallery said...

Shierly, semoga semuanya baik2 aja ya di sana! Saya juga baru denger tadi pas br pulang kerja dr hubby saya. It sounds so scary! Saya juga pernah ngalamin gempa pas lagi di Jakarta 3 thn lalu, tp tentunya gak separah yg di Jepang skrg. Stay safe, Moet!

Tanya said...

Stay safe, Imoet.. Aku pernah ngalamin superpanik stuck di dalam JR sobu-sen sampe 5 jam setelah gempa. Itupun skalanya baru 6R, belum sebesar gempa hari ini. Semoga semua baik2 aja ya..

Mbak'e said...

lha ternyata masih di sini tho, Moet. Tak pikir sudah mudik ke Sby.

Gempanya ngeri banget ya... jalanan depan apartemenku retak retak Moet, air mati - slamet bojoku onok nang omah, sekarang lagi ngantri air sama Rui. Duh, semoga gempa susulan juga berakhir ya.

Carla Ardian said...

Di Bali gempa 2 hari berturut2, Shier. Aku sudah curiga kalo bakal ada yg lebih besar datang. Ternyata tsunaminya di Jepang. Stay safe ya... I'm praying for you and everyone in Japan. hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all famly ok and that hiro got home ok, as we hear hat no trains running at all. Hope u have power and the internet so u have contact.
Rgds, mike hannah