Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The family

Iki was really a good boy. I'm so proud of him. He made everybody happy. He enjoyed playing with everyone. My family spent really a quality time with him. They got really excited to come along way from Manado early in the morning and spend the whole day with him. We went home also for sure, and visited my grandfather at my father's hometown, Woloan. A village I spent 2 years of my childhood.

On the last day my busy brother and the last two of my uncles joined us at the hotel. It was really nice to meet them and we had last big dinner together at the hotel restaurant. The food was not satisfying yet the togetherness mattered.

As we got back here Iki looks very lonely and bored at home. Spending a full week with a lot of people surrounding made him really happy. I believe my famly in Manado are also missing him as much as he is. I promise myself to bring Iki to meet my family again later when he's bigger :)

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a2pl3 said...

Welcome back! :D

So glad to know that you had the time of your life! :D

benova said...

jadi pgn pulaaangggg. Oma opane Kiyo wes kangen jg.

NoorIntan said...

sepi ya, Ki dirumah.. seminggu penuh banyak yg ngajak maen tau2 berduaan mama lagi :)... taun dpn mudik lagi, Ki :)

imoet said...

Thanks (^__^)

yang baru mudik aja udah dikangenin abis2an, nih!!
oma opane kiyo diajak main ke jepang aja :p

iya nih. aduh kasihan liatnya. masak iki baringan dilantai gitu, mukanya sendu sambil main pesawat2an... :(

Carla said...

Hey sweetheart! :) So I did hear from Veve and Arief that you were going home (Manado). You clearly had a great time. Iki looks SUPER cute and healthy! I enjoyed the photos!

Sheila said...

Kasian ya Iki jadi kesepian pulang liburan...

I love the super cute pictures!!!!
Duh... jadi kangen pulang rumah, tapi kalo pulang, ngga ketemu temen2... ketemu kalian2 ini ya di blogging lagi... huhhhh... percuma.

I'm longing for holiday on the beach... pingin snorkeling dan main pasir lagi... pingin berjemur lagi..