Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going to Bunaken

We booked a boat from the resort and went to Bunaken with my family (except my brother). It was Iki's first time on the boat as well so he enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed it even more since there were my parents and sister taking care of him almost the whole journey. Hiro and I had snorkeling too. It was my first time and for me the sea garden there was one of the miracle I've ever seen. The fishes were sooo colorful (oh, I saw nemo!!!), the corals were beautiful, pity bit dirty with some potato chips empty packages among the corals! I couldn't remember how many times I screamed of excitement through my snorkel. I felt lucky to wear life vest because the wave was really strong I couldn't swim to the boat by myself. Hiro also got difficulty pulling me so at last we gave sign to the boat and asked them to pick us up nearby. I was really satisfied though Hiro said that Maldive is more beautiful (yeah yeah yeah...!).

We had Ikan bakar by the beach at Bunaken. It was really cheap and 3 times more delicious than hotel meals. The dabu dabu accompanied the fish was perfect too. Everyone enjoyed the food including Iki. He played a lot at the beach and on the boat. Really happy to see him enjoying the trip. It was really satisfying. (and thanks for my sister for NOT taking my pictures snorkeling (@_@))

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NoorIntan said...

i've always wanted to snorkling, but because i'm not a good swimmer i wonder if i can actually do it.... kayanya menyenangkan ya....

imoet said...

aku juga not good swimmer!! makanya pake life vest. jadi tinggal ngambang nikmati pemandangan bawah laut sambil pegangan tangan ato kakinya hiro (sampe bete dia hihihi)

Carla said...

Such long hair you've got!!!

I always enjoy snorkeling. I first snorkeled 5 years ago... which was way before I could finally swim on my own. Waktu itu seh pegangan sama youknowwho di Pulau Seribu then pegangan Pyorr wkt di Karimun jawa. Lovely feeling!

You'll get bored hearing me typing this but... IKI IS JUST SOOOO ADORABLE!!! Love all his pictures!