Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We're back (^_____^)

The holiday has finished. Back to real life again.
It was a really nice getaway. Tiring yet satisfying. Our skin are all well tanned now, including Iki's. Thanks God he has my skin DNA. So it just got dark without suffering from sunburn like Hiro. Everybody was happy. It was not just a holiday. It was family time, and....eating time (especially for me :p). I was the one with camera so back home in Incheon I realized I don't have many pictures of myself (T_T), but here are some that captured our happy moments there.

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For all my friends in Surabaya, so sorry I didn't make lots of phone calls and sms. I couldn't find myself alone to grab my cell phone. I didn't expect pulang kampung would be that busy. But hey.....I promise to come to Surabaya one day to show my little boy (^__^)


NoorIntan said...

kacian si Hiro sunburnt... sakit tuh... untung Iki enggak, ya....

imoet said...

iya tuh, kasihan. kesakitan dia. dan sekarang setelah kering, dia ribut gatal2 soalnya kulitnya mulai mengelupas. hiiyyyy
untunggg si iki kulitnya orang indonesia. langsung item!! :))