Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Indonesian food, the best food in the world :p

My mom prepared most of the food I love to eat. It's just that my eating wish-list was too long that I still couldn't eat many food.
My mom cooked more chinese food like I used to eat during my childhood, and my aunt prepared the manado food when we visited my grandfather. My uncle gave us a huge koi fish from his pond, and Hiro ate his first bat ever there. He was so excited though then when he told his colleague here, he started to worry about the disease a bat could have :p
There were still lots of food I couldn't eat, especially those I could only eat in "warung". Lucky at the airport I found delicious bakso (which was for Hiro tasted like it was full of chemical stuffs :p). That bakso with warung style avocado juice was like a perfect ending for my holiday.

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benova said...

ngileeeeeeeeeer, indo foods emang the best.Manado foods jg enak2 ya? Aku wes nyoba dog en bat hohohoho

NoorIntan said...

wuih, bikin ngiler pollll.... *honestly, my mouth's watering!*

imoet said...

tul banget. the best!!
iya..enak2 tapi mostly pedes (justru itu yg bikin tambah enak :p).
hebat kamu udah nyoba dog and bat. masih ada mouse, snake, cat loh. cobain gih hehehe

aku kalo liat potonya lagi ya ngiler :p