Monday, January 21, 2008

Indomie....seleraku :p

Following up my previous posting about Indonesian Food-sick, Hiro accompanied me to Ueno while his parents took care of Iki at home. Beforehand he looked for information on the internet where exactly the asian food market is. It's located at the underground of Ameyoko building, in the middle of the fish market. I felt like I read about this once at Nova's blog but couldn't remember the detail. It was my first time going to Ueno area and I found completely different shopping environtment. I've never seen such cheap market in Tokyo so far, though the price of goods at the Asian market was ridiculous for me. Especially that I know the real price in Indonesia. Yeah well....those actually "cheap" goodies are imported goods here!

Anyway I bought few Indonesian ingredients. I found tempe for 500 yen (around 45,000 IDR), Indomie 100 yen, chilli 300 yen for 100 gr (I would got 1 kg in Indonesia with that price!), Bawang merah, bakso babi, bakso ikan, Lemongrass, Sambal ABC, santan, Tamarind, and my very important Kecap Asin ABC among others. I saw Labu Siam and Banana leaf too but didn't have any idea how to cook/use them yet.
The fishes at the fish market are sooooo cheap!!! We bought Sujiko (young salmon roe) for 1000 yen and Hoke fishes 1000 yen for 3. We also got Tuna sashimi (toro and chu toro), big ones, for 2000 yen totally! The seller said that he gave us such price because the wife's cute (read: me) hehehhe. I'll come again sometime in the future to that place for those cheap fishes, and maybe some Indonesian spices (I prefer my mom or friends sending them to me though hahaha)

So yesterday morning I had this 100 yen Indomie goreng as breakfast. With sunny side up egg and sujiko as toppings, and additional 3 fresh chillies for taste. Oh man....It was really good!! Indomie....seleraku....... :p


benova said...

oiii..kalow beli ikan murah lagi kalow sorean di sale tuh. Bisa dapet muraah la.

NoorIntan said...

Gosh, my mouth's watering now.. I haven't had Indomie for months! Not that because I can't find it here but we're trying not to have instant noodle... But I think I'll buy a packet, okay maybe two, tomorrow... It's because you make it looks soooo good, Moet!!!

Wawanz said...

Hmmm... Indomie seleraku :)