Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After spending more than two weeks unpacking, shopping, and building furnitures; at last yesterday we had a one-day ski trip for refreshing.

We started early in the morning and headed to Omiya station. Hiro bought discounted tickets from travel agent. A package of Shinkansen tickets and lift to the ski area for 16,400 Yen for two persons. It took about 1.5 hours from Omiya station to Gala Yuzawa station by Shinkansen (bullet train). The train was not crowded during weekdays so Iki could get his own seat. He really enjoyed the journey: looking outside the window, eating his obento, and also reading magazine.

Almost at the end of the journey, the Shinkansen went through a very long tunnel and we found a completely different view after that tunnel. A world covered with thick snow. What a two different world separated by a long tunnel!

The last station is connected to the ski resort. We changed our clothes into ski wear and Hiro rented the ski equipment for him, then we took gondola to the ski area. The view from Gondola was amazing. It was my second time being there, and still I had to hold my breath.

Iki was really excited. He was already looking forward for this journey so ran directly outside to play as we arrived. We had late lunch because he didn't want to get inside the restaurant. We brought him to a special area for small children, put him on a slide, pull him uphill and let him slide down freely. He screamed happily and asked for more and more. Well, pulling him uphill and running as fast as I could to stop him sliding were really a sport for me hahaha

He also had his first "ski" with Hiro. His feet are still to small for kids' ski board so Hiro just put him on his board and they slided together. They really enjoyed it and hopefully Iki's feet would get bigger on our next ski trip. Hiro is a good skier, I enjoyed watching him skiing. Sexy :p

We really had so much fun. Everyone enjoyed playing together. Was really a nice refreshing.

After playing a lot Iki got really tired and sleepy. He helplessly hanging on my lap, couldn't open his eyes anymore, when I changed his ski wear. He slept again almost the whole journey back to Tokyo.

Now we're back in Tokyo, back from our short getaway, ready waiting for the next 50 boxes coming from Korea within few days. Only God knows how to put all our stuffs inside this "already full" apartment (@_@)


The Diva said...

HAHAHAHAHA, my favourite pictures are ALWAYS the ones with Iki laughing hard and his eyes turning into one gridline... kawaiiiiiiiii...i really really love his expression laughing like that!!!!!!!!!!

ehhhh where is Hiro's so-called sexy pictures of skiing?? Hahaha.

Mut, can you ski?
Aku nggak bisa ski, I really want to be pulled uphill and slide down like Ikiiiii...

imoet said...

Hiro's sexy pictures are for my personal collection hahaha

No, I can't ski. I tried snowboarding last two years, dan seingetku aku banyakan ngglundung dari pada sukses meluncur sambil berdiri. Ski blom pernah nyoba sih, sekarang ada Iki harus main sama Iki hihihi. Kali aja nanti ikutan kelas ski pemula bareng Iki :))

Hah, You wanted to be pulled uphill? Iso matek menggos2 narik kamu gedene sak ngono :))

NoorIntan said...

Iki looks so enjoying himself!! Mukanya itu lho, nyengir2 girang. Lucu banget!!

Iya, mana tuh foto sexy Hiro?

Aku dari dulu pengen skiing, tapi males ngebayangin dinginnya :p maybe I'll put on layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm :D

Vivi said...

ANOTHER 50 BOXES???? whoah!!! Thank goodness you're not Sheila's roommate. I really, really, cannot imagine ... probably you two had to rent the whole freight ship eh?

anyway, I hope your sister is alright now...

imoet said...

sebenernya kalo ski gak bisa pake baju lapis2 loh. Kan berat jadinya :p. Good ski wear udah anget kok. Aku cuma pake kaos dilapisin sweater aja trus luarnya pake ski wear itu udah gak kerasa dingin lagi :)

Hehehe. Iya ya...untung gak roommate ama sheila. Semaput liat kardus2 bek e aku :p

Thanks, Vi. She's alright now :)