Monday, January 07, 2008

Learning and busy. Or busy learning...? :p

Papa-chan is still on holiday for two weeks now but we couldn't go anywhere else for refreshing yet. There're just so much to buy, to do, and to learn (esp. for me). Within two weeks I must learn new Japanese recipes, make research which store sells the cheapest price for different stuffs, generally to adapt with my new life here.

Hiro translates new recipes everyday and explains a lot of Japanese culture and habit. I must learn Kanji characters also now, since Hiro later on would be very busy and might not be available every night to help me out. Everyday Hiro gives me 4 kanji characters to learn. Started with cooking glossaries kanji and our family's name. After I finished with my Kanji "homework" then I'm allowed to touch computer (which is usually after 1 a.m!).

I still do blogwalking sometimes from my mobile phone but I couldn't leave any comments yet. I'm so sorry but I think I would make it up later on after I get my life rythm back, and especially after I get my computer too (it's still on the way here from Korea with other boxes). I'll also upload photos at that time because I couldn't transfer photos from my camera to this iBook, and papa-chan's computer is free only after 2 a.m. I miss chatting with my friends too, and hope I could catch up the latest rumors. Thanks for still visiting and dropping comments here, please excuse me for a while because of this learning thing. I'll be back active in this cyber world again soon. Pretty soon (^___^)

And Ohhhh!!! I must also start my exercise again since my tummy is getting fatty now (@_@)


benova said...

waahh kamu ini very dilligent ya...belajar bhs Kanji jg. AKu wes ga sempet, apalagi belajar recipes jepang hahaha. Tapi enaknya tuh disini bumbu2 lengkap tinggal beli jadi macem2 ya.
Eh ya...pas New YEar kmrn kan bny tuh Sale, fukubukoro..(paket untung2an itu loh), ada jg panci, panci presto dijual murah per set. Murahnya org jepang loh hihihi.Tp yg ini pasti kamu udah tau deh.hehehe. Banyak paket Winter/New Year Sale nih.

ina said...

wah sibuknya rek, aku juga kalo lagi sibuk banget suka ngerasa 24 jam gak cukup :D
good luck ya sama belajar dan cari supermarket murah ^_^

The Diva said...

hahaha selamat ya buat kepindahannya... mana foto2 apartemen baru, ayo cepet ndhang ringkes2 toto2 terus difoto!!!

selamat belajar bahasa jepang lagiiii...

NoorIntan said...

Wow! Super mum, super busy!!!

Enjoy your learning!