Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

Our first new year in Japan.

We woke up really late today and I cooked ozouni in a rush. It's Japanese traditional food for New Year. Toasted mochi (rice cake) in clear chicken soup.

Japanese also eats Osechi during New Year. Detail story about Osechi can be read here in Wikipedia. Osechi could be really expensive. At department stores it's sold for about USD 100 each box.
We just bought the cheap package at Seiyu, nearest supermarket. I didn't look that bad, though hehehe. And it did taste pretty good :p

I planned to go to Japanese shrine to see how Japanese celebrate New year there. But Hiro is sick. So we just shopped some more food supply at the nearest supermaket and then I co

This is our simple way to celebrate new year this year. We are still exhausted with this moving thing, and still have long to do list. But we do hope this year would be at least as amazing as last year. And I do hope yours would be too. Happy New Year (^___^)

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yun said...

wahhh ada bolu gulung... kayaknya kue2 itu enak dehhh... *ngilerrr*