Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Iki (^__^)

Today, two years ago, Iki was born. Was a big 2006 New Year surprise for us, and will always be our new year gift every year. I couldn't prepare something special for him today since we're still busy with our moving stuffs. I just cooked Sekihan, Mochi rice with red bean, Japanese traditional food for celebrating big day.

He ate really a lot. Even before the sekihan was ready he started eating the side dishes already. Really was a hungry birthday boy :p

We had Soba for dinner. Japanese eats soba on New Year eve because soba is symbol of happiness: thin and long. Meanwhile Indonesian eats noodle on birthday for a long life. Hopefully Iki will have long and happy life. We also ate Japanese New Year food Osechi and left some for tomorrow :p

He got Thomas and Friends audio book from his auntie family, and various Thomas and Friends goodies from his grandparents. He screamed excitedly everytime he opened the wrapping and found his favourite character goods inside. All those presents were given earlier since today they are not in town.

And today for the first time he slept by himself. I just tucked him to bed, rubbed his stomach and gave little massage on his feet as usual; then he told me to go out because he wanted to sleep by himself. Earlier in the afternoon he also took a nap by himself. A big relief for mama-chan hahahaha

Happy Birthday, Iki-chan. We love you and are very proud of you. Hope you'll live your life to the fullest (^___^)


DolphinRider said...

Happy Belated Birthday IKI!!!!
Hehehe maap ye, lupa. Hope all the good things come to you on your upcoming long journey of life. Enjoy your cake

Tiwas tak enteni lama kirain starone nga mau load gambarnya. grrrr

mamanya Rui said...

Slamat ultah Iki chan. Kapan2 ketemu ya ma Rui.

Ritmik bhs jepangnya? Ritomiku, gampang diapalin khan, hehe. Imoet cari aja info Kosodate-shien (layanan pembinaan anak) di Shiakusho deket rumah. Club-ritmik nya Rui yang ngadain juga shiakusho.

Emang lebih baik Iki chan diajak ikut kumpulan semacam itu buat sosialisasi. Kalo Rui termasuk telat, baru sekarang ikut, jadi agak susah menyesuaikan diri. Temen2nya udah pada manis manis, Rui saja yang masih kayak barbarian. Hehe.