Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas

It's Christmas!!
Papa-chan even woke up early this morning. We directly headed to the Christmas tree, and Iki screamed happily when he saw big yellow present for him waiting under the tree. These past few weeks he's been waiting forward for Santa Claus' coming and asked for "uuh uuhh" (Thomas train) and "nyanya" (cat - in Japanese) as his Christmas wishes.

And look what Santa brought for him (^__-)

And because it's impossible for him to have a real cat, Mrs. Santa made a quick cat cupcake:

He ate it excitedly with spoon!!! He didn't want to make his hands dirty (@_@)

Then we went to Bokjuk restaurant for lunch. Definitely was our last visit there, since we are nearly at the end of our staying here. Papa-chan bought me a pair of cheap winter boots as Christmas present (?!), for emergency use during our ski and Hokkaido trip later on.

We had steak for dinner, with boiled veggies, potato salad and a bottle of red wine. I made simple Christmas decoration to attract Iki's attention from his railway set.

And he was excitedly trying to blow off the Santa Claus and Snowman candles - and finished his dinner as well.

We closed this day by turning off all the lights in this house and stared at the sparkling Christmas tree together, just like what we did last year. Iki bowed thank you to the Christmas tree (for the presents he got hahaha), and said goodbye to all the hanging decorations there because tomorrow I will have to pack it.

This would be my last posting from South Korea. Tomorrow the internet connection will be stopped and all the computers will be packed too. See you all again with other stories from our new rented apartment in Japan (^_____^)


NoorIntan said...

Merry Christmas Shierly, Hiro & Iki!!
Hope you have a wonderful one! :)

benova said...

Hiaaa nyampe kpn di jepang?
Kabarin ya...

The Diva said...

Mutmut kalo dah di Jepang abis nata2 barang, foto2 dan blogging ya!!!

Btw aku mau liat seberapa banyak kardusmu!!! HEhehehehe...

eh Merry Christmas juga ya (blom happy new year, ntar aja.. hehehe)