Friday, December 28, 2007


We're at JAL excecutive lounge now, having brunch while waiting for boarding time. Enjoying last luxurious facility from Hiro's company hehehe

I felt sad when we left our empty apartment this morning, we we said goodbye to our very kind apartment's security guard, and when we waved goodbye to Hiro's translator from taxi. Goodbye Incheon, goodbye Korea. Memories here have special place in my heart, and can be read somewhere in my blog :p



NoorIntan said...

Goodbye & have a nice trip... See you in Japan :)

Happy New Year 2008!

dolphinrider said...

have a nice n save trip. Gud luck for a new n happy life in Japan. :p

imoet said...

Thanks :p
Happy New Year too!

Makasih yo :p