Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snowing and Today's Rant

It was snowing today. The first snow in Tokyo this winter. Weather forecast said that the temperature today was the lowest this year, though for me Tokyo is still much warmer compared to Incheon. Once Iki knew that it was snowing outside, he stopped eating his breakfast and asked me to bring him out. He really got excited and didn't want to continue his breakfast so I took him out after Hiro left to the office. He was very happy to play outside, trying to catch the snowflakes, and cleaning his jacket and trousers from them :p.

He enjoyed playing that he didn't want to go back home. I ate super spicy Indonesian food yesterday so this morning my stomach gave me huge kicks as the reaction. I really needed to go to the toilet but this boy completely ignored me. So I was just squating helplessly, felt cold because of my own sweat, with goosebumps all over my body until he got wet and satisfied playing. And when we finally got home and I could sit on the toilet in relieved, he cut me off and said he wanted to pee URGENTLY. Argghhh (>.<)

I let him playing with snowflakes again in the afternoon so I thought he's tired and would nap soon. But at home he was still very active! I laid on the floor beside his bed (am not allowed still to lay on his bed), pretending to sleep, but that boy was jumping around my body, tapping my body in full power, while screaming "CHA CHA CHA". I started to feel cold so I told him to stay on his bed and sleep, but again he ignored me. I was tired so I closed my eyes, and covered my ears with my palms to reduce his loud CHA CHA CHA voice. It was when his head hit my pubic bone in his full power. God, It was so damn painful and I totally knew intan's feeling! I was about to shout at him when I saw him smirking while holding his head. I just didn't know what to say and what to do. I left the room and told him to sleep by himself. And he did......only few minutes after I left!

I could breath again then, so I did my houseworks. But it didn't last long. I heard Iki's cry. He sat on his bed, sweating. I was speechless when I saw him wearing his mitten (earlier today he could put his mittens on by himself for the first time). I tried to make him confortable by removing the mittens and his socks but he got angry and told me not to do that. So during his 1.5 hours sleeping, he woke up like 4-5 times, and got angry whenever I tried to remove either the mittens or the socks. Again I lost chance to give myself a little rest today.

Hhhhhhh....what a day.....!!!!

Oh FYI, he wore those damn mittens until Hiro's back home and we were ready for dinner!


The Diva said...

Kenapa ya anak2 kalo marah suka mukul tulang "itu"??? Hihhh ngga ngebayangin sakitnya :-@

Oh well... it's just one of those days, don't worry.

Tomorrow will be better... :-)
Besides, winter will soon pass kok Mut, bentar lagi Sakura time, dan akhirnya kamu liat Sakura BENERAN di Jepang, hahaha, after 2 years ya?

Carla said...

iya. aku juga masih ingat sakitnya kalo bagian itu kena. dulu sering banget pas naik sepeda trus ngerem mendadak.

cape ya ngurus anak? tapi kelihatannya menarik. aku juga mau punya anak ah!

NoorIntan said...

Oh no! Not the pubic bone! There's must be something with toddlers and their habit to hit their heads EXACTLY there!! Do you think it's a universal thing?? Or maybe just the right heights?

Imoet, I think you are a VERY patient mother. I'm less than half of what you are, in fact now I feel like a VERY MEAN mother! (well, my friends over here call me a 'tough' mother!)

If I had to go I'd get my daughter to come inside with me, whether she agrees or not. I admire that you chose to suffer "mules" and wait until he finished.

And with sleeping business, now I no longer wait until Ameera falls to sleep. I tuck her in her bed and leave immediately. We sometimes read books or sing songs beforehand, but once I say it's time to sleep there will be no bargain. She can stay in her bed reading or playing more but there's no way I'll let her out of room...