Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lonely :p

Yesterday night Iki started to sleep in his own room alone. At last I could sleep on my very own bed by myself, without any strong kicking from Iki.

He got really excited when we prepared his futon (Japanese style bed on the floor). Iki, who usually hated to use blanket even voluntarily asked me to put the blanket on him properly. I think he's glad to get his own territory. Before sleeping he told me in his limited vocabulary: "bebeh no" while tapping his chest (translated: I'm not a baby). I was not even allowed to lay down on his bed :p

We put wireless inter-phone in his room so that I could hear anything happens there. I shouldn't worry he would wake up midnight and cry a lot because I could run in a second I heard his voice from the speaker beside my bed.

In fact I felt lonely that I couldn't get into deep sleep last night. I checked his room many times just to make sure that he's alright and gave him little kisses. I hope I will get used to sleep without him as soon as he's used to sleep by himself :))

And today was Hiro's first day back to work again after spending the whole one month with us. Since I knew him I'd never spent 1 full month, 24 hours together with him, and neither had Iki. So last holiday was our first full month family gathering and we (Iki and I especially) got spoiled a little bit too much. I almost forgot how tiring it was to spend a whole day only with Iki, and so did Iki. He cried when Hiro left his morning and actually I also can't help not to wet my eyes :p. I could understand Iki's feeling because I felt it too. We were "lonely" hahaha


Carla said...

kenapa ya, this post is so touchy? atau mungkin akunya yg lagi sensitif. biasanya kita malah mbiasain anak tidur sendiri. ini malah ibunya yg hrs dibiasakan. huehehe.

NoorIntan said...

I checked his room many times just to make sure that he's alright and gave him little kisses.

Hahaha... I was like that too with Ameera, I even went to check is she was still breathing!!! LOL!

I know exactly what you mean by 'lonely'... *big hugs*