Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mie Bancir

I spent my childhood at a small town in Borneo island: Banjarmasin and this food is one of my favorite childhood memory. Bancir literary means transsexual, and I think this meal is named because of its appearance. It only has a little bit soup, so can't really said as noodle soup or stir fry noodle. The ingredients were stir fried a bit and then boiled in a little bit soup.

I got this recipe from my grandmother. But instead of using chinese noodle, I used udon (because it was the only noodle I could find in my fridge). It surprisingly tasted very good. Very very good! hmmmmm


Yun said...

Hhhhmmm... keliatane enak.. itu mirip capjay tapi pake mie gitu tah Mut??
Eh iya.. rusukmu udah ok? Lain kali ati2 yooo ;)

imoet said...

iya yun, mirip cap cai rasane. tpai gak dikentalin pake kanji.

haiyah ini rusuk masih sakit lah. kapan hari baikan eh trus kemaren snowboarding, jatoh lagi (@_@). jarene hiro, biasa itu resiko belajar snowboarding

The Diva said...

minta resepe mie bancir poo... email aku yaaaaaaaaaa