Sunday, February 13, 2011

One day ski/snowboarding trip

We went to Mt. Jeans in Nasu, Tochigi area, Japan yesterday. Oh well, Iki actually still had pretty bad cough but he (and Hiro) really wanted to ski that the season almost comes to the end.

Iki is getting better skiing. He really loves it and started to say irritating things while waiting for me (like:"you're so slow, mom!"), or even tried to teach me how to snowboard! Ha! Let's wait until you try snowboarding, young man!!
I wished I could learn as fast as a kid could. I am still working hard on my snowboarding skill. Have to practice a lot to turn. I fell down for so many times that my whole body is aching now -don't ask about my rib. Yes, it's still painful (>.<)- I'm running out of time (and money haha!) this year, but I hope I could make it by the end of winter!


The Diva said...

I love how you glow in that ski gears and ski jacket!!!!!
Rosy cheeks and cute laughter.
Iki is sooo cute as well. Miss you a lot...

imoet said...

miss you too, bal lemak! sekarang kita bahkan gak sempat chatting lagi!! untung masih ada blog sama fb ya hihihi