Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rib pain

I got severe right rib pain after falling down on a hard snow during
snowboarding last Sunday. I thought it's just bruised but this morning
the pain is getting worse....

Want to have it checked by X-ray but can't go to doctor today. Iki got
high fever so he is on his bed the whole day, can't possibly leave him

I'm trying anti inflammatory cream and let's see if it could help.
Arghh....hope I didn't break my rib!!! I'm in snowboarding mode now
and plan to take snowboard lesson this weekend....... (_ _o)

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Carla Chanliau said...

well better not force yourself with the possibly broken rib. go to the doctor the soonest you get the chance. hug

imoet said...

thanks dear!
it's getting better now so I haven't visited doctor yet. so i think no broken rib -thanks God!-

the anti inflammatory medication works!