Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A year older!

And I am a year older yesterday. Am still small, with more and more wrinkles around my eyes, dropping boobs and bums, and a lot more fat here and there. Around waist, arms, thigh, and neck. Ah yeahh...I'm a tante tante now LOL

But I am blessed and happy with my life (^____^)

I had mie bancir for my Indonesian tradition birthday noodle, as a wish for a long life. Oh no....I used udon noodle!! Could I be as fat as udon too....?! (@_@)

Hiro brought home this beautiful bouquet.

And a supper yummy birthday cake. He decorated it with Iki :p

We had this very easy but delicious pork belly and chinese cabbage nabe (hot pot) with camembert cheese. It was surprisingly a good pairing to red wine!

Birthday present? I requested a diamond necklace, so Iki made me necklace with diamond shape cut papers as decoration LOL

And again the birthday wishes from family and friends really made my big day!!! Thank you!


Carla Ardian said...

the flower bouquet is super sweet. happy birthday again, dear shierly!

imoet said...

Thank you, sweetie *hugs*

The Diva said...

happy bday cantiiikkk... makin disayang suami n anak, moga2 suatu hari nanti dapet kalung berlian beneran hahahaha.
all the best yaaaa

imoet said...

makasih bal lemak :p. aminnnnnnn (kalung berliannya hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
wait until you get to your forties!
long way to go yet!


imoet said...

Thanks, Mike! How are you guys??
well, not that long. I'm almost there LOL

Anonymous said...

we are all good thks, from memory you are still in your twenties!!