Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's day

Valentine's day is a bit different in Japan. Here only women give presents (generally chocolates) to express their feeling. And the men are supposed to return the gift (= the feeling) on the White Day (March 14).

I invited my girlfriends to have chocolate fondue at home at that day. I ate too much chocolate that I swore myself not to eat it for at least 2 weeks :p

This year for the first time Iki got a chocolate gift from a girl. Yes, she was the girl he kissed last time hahaha

And this is my heart to my two men :)

I love you two (^___^)


Cooking Gallery said...

Udah sering baca2 di sini, cuma skrg baru komen. Iki sgt imut2 sekali...:)!!

imoet said...

hi cooking gallery!!! salam kenal deh hehehe

The Diva said...

minta real heart shaped necklace dari hiro for the white day!!! hahahahaa.
hmmm choc fondue nya terlihat nyam2 sekaliiiiiiii

imoet said...

diva: yang ditaburi berlian? hahahaha was a very easy but yummy food for gathering! next, cheese fondue ah :p