Saturday, February 05, 2011


February 3 is Setsubun here in Japan. This year Iki knew a lot more about it from school so he was pretty excited.

We tried Kansai area's setsubun tradition to eat ehomaki, an uncut sushi roll, eaten in silence facing the yearly lucky compass direction. It was very hard for talkative Iki to eat without talking, and God it was the quietest dinner ever!! This year's lucky direction is South South East, but stupid me, wrongly read the compass. We ate our lucky roll facing the opposite direction: north north west!!!! I hope luck won't go away from us this year!!

Then we did the Mamemaki tradition, this time Iki was the Oni (devil)

And we threw beans in every room in this house to bring in good luck.

By the end of the day, there were beans all over the floor!!

And this was last wednesday's Bento. To celebrate setsubun!

Oni (devil): rice with tomato ketchup, cheese, carrot, spinach
Japanese croquettes
Quail eggs
Roasted beans


The Diva said...

Huahahaha that could have been me, reading the wring direction on a compass!!!
Well to stay on the positive side, since you eat backing the south south east and facing the north north east, let's just say we re hoping that you will be FOLLOWED by luck from the south south east all year long!!! You ll always be lucky coz it's following your back all the time , how s that??? Hihihi

Carla Ardian said...

interesting tradition. i saw hiro's fb status about the wrong direction and i was tempted to comment that it was his fault in the very first place to have trusted you with the direction. hihihi...

imoet said...

diva: ah that is a good idea! alright so the luck will follow us anyway this year, no worry anymore haha

carla: you're right!! tololnya orang itu. katanya pas makan dia benernya sudah mbatin. apa bener ini south south east?! gitu abis makan baru dicek. geblek toh