Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Yesterday I was in the same plane with Manado soccer team (PERSMIN). I just found out that they will have a game with Surabaya soccer team tomorrow. Almost everyone in the plane got interested with this soccer team. Well, you know....they are kind of celebrities for them hahaha.

Since I'm not into soccer stuffs, I just didn't pay attention to them. I knew there were three foreign players there. Two are the black ones, while the other one is a spaniard or portugal-like person. Hmmm, I could say he is handsome. But none of my business.

This handsome player was sitting on the same row with me. Our eyes collided for several times. Ehm....though at first I thought that he's none of my business, i can't resist good view available beside me, right? hehehe. Nothing happened, I just enjoyed music from my ipod while reading a novel. But then he helped me taking out my heavy luggage *^_^*. That's it.

We got separated. I bought taxi ticket and waited for my baggage. Then I heard somebody called: "Cantik....". Again: "Cantik......".
I know I AM. But I didn't want to take any shameful risk hehehe. So I just kept quiet.
Then Someone touched my shoulder. "Cantik....?". I was stunned. HIM. The Handsome Player. He offered me a chocolate, and asked my name. "Your name is as beautiful as you"

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa I was so blushed and speechless. Everyone was watching, and the other players were clapping hands to support him. I couldn't bear the shame....I just walked away, looking for a trolley.

I got my baggage and went out. Just in front of the exit door, he was waiting, and smiling. "Bye bye cantik..."

I just smiled and rushed.

As I got into the taxi. I just realized. Damn! stupid me!! I didn't even ask for his name!!!!!!!
But......"Cantik.....?!" hehehehehehe I don't care what the taxi driver thought of me. I just couldn't stop smiling the whole journey.

"cantik...." (^_____________________^)


RinAku said...

Hahahaha...! Cantik,eh? A simple compliment, but yet means a lot ^__^

Why not be flattered to be called "cantik" ^__+

Too bad you didn't ask for his name?

Nice simple story :) I like it.

imoet said...

Awwwwww Rina...nice comment (^__^)

I was flattered! That's why I was so speechless. Otherwise, I could be veru aggressive, rite? HOHOHO *devil laugh*