Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm homeeeeeeee

I could feel my hear beat faster as the plane got closed to the land. I could see Manado city from above. Clearly. Really clearly. I can even point some famous buildings and streets easily.
Then my heart jumped when I saw my brother, Yosis, waiting for me outside the departure gate. He looks matured already. I wanted to tease him by giving him a hug, but he gave me the don’t-touch-me look. Hahaaha. Then I told him that I missed him, he blushed and smiled shyly. I know I have to treat him as a man, not a boy anymore; but I just can’t help it. He’s still my dearest little yosis.

My father was fixing his car when I arrived. He was so speechless when suddenly I popped up in front of him by saying: “Hello mister, how are you?”. He gave me twice kisses on my forehead. I knew he almost cried while he asked why I didn’t tell him that I’m coming. He looked older and thinner, with darker skin. I know life is not easy anymore for him, and wrinkles at his face showed how stressed he is struggling for his kids.

My mom didn’t see my coming. She was cooking, and then screamed wildly when she saw me grinning behind her. Yosis laughed out loud seeing her reaction. She was so happy to see me again, but a second later she shouted at Yosis and blamed him of keeping secret from her. Agnes, heard the noise from bathroom, went out only with big towel covering her body in surprised. She hated not to be the first person who knew about my coming.

How I missed my family. I’m so happy being at home again. I told my mom the list of food I want to eat during my short stay here, and to my surprise, I only got vegetable as my lunch because today is Good Friday (and Catholic don’t eat meat for respecting it…ouch!!). hahahaha. I completely forgot about this Good Friday and ate chicken at the plane!

Then we went to church together. I can’t remember when the last time we went to church together was. Perhaps when I was in Junior high. It’s nice to be at home, though at first felt bit surprised knowing how I almost forget the way they quarrelling. They do quarrelling quite a lot. Especially my brother and my father. They had completely different ideas in their minds. Phew…..I had to beg my brother to keep calm during my stay.

We had dinner together while chatting and laughing. I’m so happy. Everything is different now. Life changed, and I’m surprised to see the reality by my own eyes now. But they still tease each other and laugh together, (or then end up with quarrelling ahahaha). I enjoyed every conversation I had with them.

We have a white dog named “dogol” (Banjarese word, means stupid”), and a black 1.5 months puppy named “princess”; 3 fat rabbits; and around 30 white mice for my brother’s lab experiments!!! hahaahaha

So here I am….in front of my brother’s PC. If I take a deep breath, I can smell the familiar aroma from my childhood in this room. Hmmmm…….I’m homeeeeeeeeeeeee

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