Saturday, March 26, 2005

FAT (o^_^o)

This morning my mom cooked the famous Bubur Manado (manado porridge) as I requested. The super hot chilly sauce accompanied it made me can't stop eating. So i kept eating and eating till my mom warned me: HEY!! A GIRL SHOULD NOT EAT THAT MUCH!!! But I know she didn't mean it.....because for lunch she cooked Tinoransak (super hot pork in manado style). My favourite. Well guys....I did eat a LOT. In Surabaya you all already said that I have bigger stomach capacity than my small body should, so I guess you will be surprised on how bigger the capacity suddenly become here.

I'm just so happy to be able to eat my mom's cook again. I know I already gain a few kgs in these two days. Hehehehe.....sorry Hiro, I know you hate me being fat m(_ _)m.

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