Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I lost it?

Last night I couldn't sleep well. Something is disturbing my mind.

Oh how I hate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So can be predicted that this whole day my face is like a devil. And a cup of coffee couldn't keep my eyes awake, so sorry to some friends for harsh words I said. I can understand if you guys said that I'm mentally disturbed *grin*.
Anyway I was trying to make fun of my day. Just to forget what was so disturbing last night. It's helping that I got good news for my plan next week, eventhough I had to postpone my manado trip for a day. Hopefully tomorrow I can manage to settle things. Hopefully tomorrow the lucky angel would stay by my side [praying mode: ON].

I realised that I lost one important thing last night: MY SELF-CONFIDENCE

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