Monday, March 21, 2005

Malang Trip

Last Saturday I went to Malang to attend Caroline's wedding with some friends. We stayed at a cheap but nice hotel in Batu, about 30-45 minutes drive from Malang. We divided the groups into two: the girls in Nyo's car, and the guys in Ardi's car.

The party was so greeny decorated. Caroline is a unique type person, so predicted already that she would come up with something unique on her wedding. She looked so happy and beautiful in her white wedding gown. Happy for her.......hope you'll be happy with your new life, friend!

It was a big party, but we sat at the back couldn't get zoomed picture of the couple

Caroline and Michael - the happy bride

Too bad that I got cold at that night. So after got massage from Nyo, I felt into deeeeep sleep while the other friends were having fun until dawn. Hmmmmm I missed the fun part!!!!!! But I felt much better the next day. Thanks to Nyo *wink*

Then Joan visited us at the hotel with her 3-months-old baby. Still beautiful as I could remember. The baby is so cute, really is like her father. And as described by Vei before.....she has interesting standing-hair!! I do believe she'll grow up into beautiful girl.

Me and Alicia - Joan's baby

We went to Malang afterwards. Ate the spicy bakso bakar, and continued to vei's house. Eating again there hehehe. Vei's mom cooked the kangkung pedas and ikan asin goreng. Our favourite!! As we got our stomach full, we went to Istana Dieng club house; playing bowling and go-kart.

It was really fun. Really really fun. I could forgot my boring routine at Surabaya. Especially because we have this pregnant spoilt DeeJay. Who is always "true" and want to be served by anybody at the first place. Wait until you got your baby delivered, young lady!! *HO HO HO*

Together - minus Iyan & Okta

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