Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Listening to: Phantom of the Opera

These days people in my office are so addicted to the OST of Phantom of the Opera. We have several versions of it downloaded, and put in the playlist. But how would you feel if you listen to it like more than 10 times a day?! The song is now kept moving around in my head!!!

But I like the song. It sounds so elegant for my ears, could let my blue feeling sway away. Though it becomes blue again as the song finished HAHAHA!

Today I started to re-arrange everything, right from the beginning again. Decision is the hardest thing to take, and I'm struggling for that. What a coinsidence that lots of things must be done at the office. Dealing with managerial things drives me crazy, especially that we have this one person so-hard-to-deal-with in the office. This is the first time I relieve to have him at the office. He could occupy my mind........with ANGER...hehehe.
The university in the Netherlands also drives my patience away. And communication by email is so hard, most of the time they don't take things as an important matter. And my boss will go to Sweden for a week -for holiday- AGAIN. Meanwhile we're in Surabaya needs someone there to have contact with. Gosh!

I wrote an email to my boss today asking permission for days off. I need to go for a while, really need to go..................

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