Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day Out

I'm in Starbucks now, enjoying my hot peppermint mocca alone after fighting against the very VERY cold weather outside.Iki is sleeping at home, Hiro takes care of him today while I'm having my day out. Lately I feel like my patience almost comes to the limit. Its time to go away from home now, alone, even for few hours only.

Looking at the mirror made me feel really bad. I barely knew the woman there. She looked overweight and so ugly in her messy hair, tired face, and darkened eyes. So last friday, I decided to call the hair salon to make an appointment for today. It was my first time making an appointment by phone in Korean. Usually body language helps me a lot in communicating, so I was a bit nervous. But I could make it. Seems that my Korean has improved quite a lot. Too bad during our stay here I couldn't learn this language in an appropriate way (read: language school).

I browsed for Japanese short hair style pictures last night and will show them to the hairdresser. Let's see if I'd feel better after having a haircut today hehehe

So excuse me now, I'll go upstair and have my hair done.

Hiro's comment once he saw my new haircut was: "APA ITU?!"
Oh yeah....I DID feel "better"! (#_#)


The Diva said...

huahahahaha... so WHERE IS THE PICTURE???


Ayo upload foto, mut! We'll see if I have to agree with Hiro or not.

imoet said...

OH YOU!!!!!
Berani-beraninya minta liat foto?!?!?!?! (>.<)

Kalo siang masih bisa pake wax la. Tapi kalo malam abis mandi Hiro bilang gak sanggup liat mukaku huuu huuu

LadyNoor said...

good on you!
i know how you feel, as a full time mother we need sometime to cool down...

oh, i'm demanding for some photos too! :p

Mia said...!!! :D hihihi

imoet said...

yes I'm sure no one could understand more than you :p

Photos?! NO!!! :p


No pictures until my hair's getting longer hehehe