Saturday, November 10, 2007


I feel so sad

And I can't help myself,
no matter how I tried

I'm simply frustrated
and tired?
and frustrated

Argghhh blame it to the hormon
I'm just frustrated

How many times did I say "frustrated"?!

pms pms pms pms (>.<)


The Diva said...

sabar ya Muttt... hehehe.

Last week I had my PMS and I spit everything out to a poor little someone :-D

You're not the only one... hehehe. Only 23x12 times more to go (considering you have menopause at age 50)


Benny Suryanto said...


Later..I'll write on how I feel depression taking care my son:P.

Duuuh...opo aku jg pny 2 kepribadian or saking jenuhe..or yo opo meh dapet "bulan penuh bintang":D

Vivi said...

I haven't had any PMS in like...10 months now...hahahha...

but I did have an equally worse pregnancy mood swing...

Anonymous said...

I never actually had any PMS but I share the frustration. Even for a guy, PMS is not just affecting a woman, but also those around her.

Hopefully yours will fade soon :)

imoet said...

23x12 kali????

bulan penuh bintang?!? hahahah
yah Nov, semakin gede anakmu, semakin frustasi kamu. Apalagi nek tepak PMS!

Bentar lagi bakal ngerasain PMS lagi kamu. Kecuali.....kalo hamil lagi hihihi

Betul banget. Yang kena dampak wanita PMS paling gede ya kaum lelaki hahaha