Saturday, November 03, 2007


One of my favorite food, is IKURA (salmon roe). I just never get enough of them though Ikura contain very high cholesterol. One reason why I was getting fatter in Japan.
They go well with white rice, so sushi and ikura gohan are two best examples. Ikura are salty, tasty, and melt in my mouth at once. Really really delicious. You definitely should try these if you come to Japan by any chance!


Ikura gohan

I couldn't find Ikura at supermarket here, not sure about sushi restaurant though. Everytime I go to Japan I always request this food to my mother in law. It was kind of dream to bring Ikura to Korea, so I was really really happy when I found Ikura in package at Asahikawa airport (when we went to Hokkaido).

So at last I could eat Ikura in Korea. It was as delicious as always, even little Iki also loves it. Look what he bought in Hokkaido. Ikura shape mini car :))

And Hiro just told me about the story of Ikura.....
Ikura are salmons' eggs. Salmons are born in clear water river and then go to the sea to grow up. They will only lay their eggs on the river where they are from, so they have to swim all the way from the sea back to that river. It's really hard to swim back there. River where they can lay eggs is only clean and clear river, which is not deep river. Can you imagine big long salmon, swimming back from the sea into very narrow river. They have to swim against the stream, got wounds and bruises all over their body. And when they finally arrive at that river, ready to lay their eggs, fishermen catch them and take the eggs......which some are inside my refrigerator now!!!



Vivi said...

I like the smaller fish egg better...but don't know the name.

they made an IKURA shaped car for toys?? those japanese think of everything!!

Sheila said...

Hmmm, Vivi, try "caviar" ??

I like Ikura as well, but only in sushi. It's one of my favourite sushis, along with the one with unagi and the real pink salmon... yummm. Unfortunately, lately I haven't been able to eat sushi or try out japanese restaurant, you know... because of the "Sushi guy" (Hiro will laugh again if he reads this) hihihi.

Ikura toy car looks SO funny hehehehe...
Do they have other fishes in cars or truck shaped too?? :-D

Btw Mut, tell Hiro not to tell such sad stories on food, esp. the ones I really like!

Vivi said...

i tried caviar...don't know what's the fuss is all about, it's about the yuckiest thing I've ever had...

imoet said...

Smaller fish?
Oh...yang kuning kecil2 namanya kazunoko
yang orange kecil2 namanya tobikko

Oh you should try oyakodon - (nasi sama ibu dan anak): nasi semangkuk diatasnya ada banyak ikura sama fresh salmon. Hmmmmm slurpp :p

Yes the Ikura toy is so cute, and it runs really fast. Sebelum akhirnya rodanya sedikit bengkok dipukul2 Iki. Sekarang jadinya abis lari kenceng dia muter2 kayak gasing :p

I never tried it that bad, Vivi?? And have you, La?
Hiro said that it's good...

Vivi said...

rasane tobikko deh...never heard the other one...

and yeah, i don't like caviar...but I love yoshinoya!!! always have that for breakfast at least 4 times a week when I'm in Hong Kong for the exhibition every March and's the highlight of my stay there...hahahaha...

but I'm sure Hiro would say that's junk food, food for kuli...that's what my bro in law said. I asked him for yoshinoya when I was in Japan and he just laughed!! (and didn;t get me one!!, it's like...not having pizza in Italy!! what an abomination!!)