Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ganjang Gyejang (간장게장)

Today we had our last Ganjang Gyejang dinner at our favourite restaurant nearby Yeonsu High School. As usual that restaurant is always full of costumers. Ganjang Gyejang is one of Korean most expensive food, so we believe that Ganjang Gyejang there is one of the best in town.

We ordered Ganjang Gyejang for two, and as usual it came in a minute accompanied with lots of side dishes. Various kinds of Kimchi, Mackerel in Korean hot sauce, steamed egg, fresh Korean salad leaves, Kimchi chige, a big bowl of various kinds of veggies in sesame sauce, and steamed rice (mixed with kind of small nuts) in large bowls.

Ganjang Gyejang is soy sauce pickled raw crab. Yes, raw crab, marinated in soy sauce for several days until got fermented. They are then cut into pieces and served on our table.

The beautiful orange parts are the eggs, and the green-yellowish parts are like crab's liver and pancreas (which was believed as crab's shit by some Indonesian). Unlike other Korean food I've ever eaten, we could use our hands to eat this crab since it's almost impossible eating that ONLY with chopsticks and spoon. This Ganjang Gyejang was really really good. The crab meat was tender and tasty, and the eggs were melted in my mouth. Sucking them out of the shells made it even more delicious. It's really salty so steamed rice is a perfect match. With those lots of side dishes mentioned above you'll easily get stuffed.

The best part was eating from the biggest shell, usually after finished eating all other crabs' parts.

I put some rice inside the shell, and mixed it well with the eggs and soy sauce from the shell. It's like the best ending eating this food. I got food orgasm afterwards.

One portion of Ganjang Gyejang costed us 20.000 won, so it was 40.000 won in total (about USD 40). But really worthed. Ganjang Gyejang is one of Korean's best food for us.

We said goodbye to the restaurant owner already. A very friendly middle aged man who likes to explain Korean food and talk to Iki everytime we're there. I would love to come to Incheon and eat Ganjang Gyejang again at that restaurant in the future if we got the chance to visit Korea.


yun said...

Mut... kenapa kamu pasang foto-foto KEPARAT itu??!! :-L
Mut... kau membuatku menangis darah.. kau jahattt...huhuhuu

NoorIntan said...

looks yummy! jadi kepengen...

btw, i like the look of your blog. i like the color and it looks so neat :)

imoet said...

sejak kapan kamu tertarik sama makanan mentah?!?!?
jangan2 kamu ngidam?
udah pregnancy test? :p

hhehehe aku kalo liat foto ini juga ngiler terus

someone is laughing proudly reading this comment!!!
yang bikin Hiro...
soalnya dia sebel template blogku yang lama kalo dibuka di handphonenya dia ancur2an. ya udah, daripada ngomel terus aku suruh dia yg bikin. lah aku sibuk hehehe