Friday, November 30, 2007

The Tree

I know, I know....!!!!!!
I should have started (at least) thinking to pack our stuffs. But I just couldn't help it when I saw the box....

So this afternoon we (Iki and I) built the christmas tree :p, and we had sooo much fun working together (^__^)

I just wanted to feel christmas in this apartment for the last time.......


Anonymous said...

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The Diva said...

Hahaha, bukannya malah packing, malah nambah kerjaan!!! :-D

But it's ok... as long as it looks beautiful... at least it'll last for the next couple of weeks...

Vivi said...

sefI completely forgot about christmas tree. my baby is still too young, and last year we bought this miniature christmas tree that you can put on the table, like, the day before christmas (we got it on sale!).

Moet, are you going to bring the Christmas ornaments?

Benny Suryanto said...

Hahaha cepetan aja dateng ke Jepang Iki, disini bagus banget deh hiasan Natalnya.....I love it.

Kita jg udah pasang pohon Natal mungil jg hihihihi. Udah lama aku ga pasang pohon Natal sih hihi.

Anonymous said... a tag on you.... Just follow the link on my name ...or here ...


Have a nice day!

imoet said...

Thanks :)
Oh..I just put one link for one person in my blog, and I chose "Dare to Blog" because I like it the most :)
Thanks also for the tag. I'll try to do the homework :p

it is beautiful! :p
i put it on my veranda, and i could see how beautiful it is at night from downstair

felicial will love "playing" with christmas tree also next year :p
and yes, i will bring all the christmas ornaments hehehe

iya...disana ibuk2 rumah tangga juga berlomba2 menghias rumahnya. keren2 ya! :p