Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to Japan

So here we are now, back to Japan. Back to our real life. The trip to Indonesia was really my holiday. When I didn't have to clean up the house, and cook for three times a day :p

I realized that there are still some to do and to eat lists left, even forgot to bring lots of stuffs (like sambal Bu Rudi, my mom's sambal goreng, dried lemongrass, and Hiro's toothpaste). But somewhat I felt satisfied. I met people I wanted to meet. I ate most of the food I wanted to eat. I did almost all the things I planned to do. Most of all, I could proudly show my little boy to the people I love, my family and (some of) my friends.

Thank you Hiro, for giving me this three weeks wonderful holiday.

Thank you Nina, for coming over from Bandung to visit me. And thank you Adnan for taking care of Iki while I shopped at Ambassador Mall :p

Thank you Tina, for arranging the apartment, the "visit" in Jakarta, the lunches, the stories, and the laughs

Thank you Arief, for the very sweet friendship in "your" on way :p

Thank you Vivi, for spending some time to meet me. It was really really nice to meet you and your family, especially Felicia!! God, she's really pretty!!! Also for the dinner and the most delicious Terang Bulan I've ever had! It was our first time to meet, but I felt like that we could talk about anything. I would like to meet you again sometime in the future (^__^)

Thank you Mario and Fenny, my cousins who just got married. For coming to our place so often to entertain Iki.

Thank you papa, mama, oma; for spending days and nights with Iki while I went around Surabaya for shopping, meeting friends, and eating. Iki speaks good amount of Indonesia now. More fluent than his Japanese. Moreover, Iki could poo everyday now!! I don't know how did my Dad made him so. I just remembered that every morning my Dad brought him to toilet and talked to him.
And thank you Oma for the delicious meal you cook. You are definitely the best cook in the world!!

Thank you Vitria, for the few hours wonderful time. I hope the best for you, and hopefully too we could spend more time together in the future.

And thank you Enyo. For everything. Our friendship is really special that I couldn't find any words to describe it. Iki keeps talking about you. About your car, your dog, and your big ouchi (house) hahaha. Thanks for even coming over to airport only to meet for for a few minutes. I do hope to meet you again, HERE :p

Now we are adapting to our life again here. Iki is very lonely for sure, poor boy. He doesn't want to release me even for a minute. I must play with him, talk to him, read to him, and sing with him. Meanwhile I'm also trying to get my life rhythm back.


The Diva said...

tiba-tiba kangen pulang Indo.
kangen ketemu temen2 lagi...

Missing you too, Mut.
Missing Vivi.
wish there would be a day where we could sit, the three of us, and chattering around, like there were no tomorrow, like we were old friends from the very beginning.

Missing you so much, missing to talk to my friends, I could go nuts...

benova said...

Hmmm..yak apa carae papamu isa buat beol Iki? hehehe curious........hahahaha.

Senengnya ya.bisa holiday.
I want ......