Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bringing Iki to IKI

So at last I brought Iki there. To Iki restaurant, where everything between me and Hiro began.
We met there for the first time, about 5 years ago, after chatting through ICQ for a while. None of us had the idea that we would be into a complicated, long distance relationship and got married three years ago, with a two years old boy now. Both of us were just having fun at that time, but we are glad that we met, and had a lot of dinner dates there. That's why we named our son, Iki - though in different meaning (of Kanji character).

It was still the same restaurant, with the same waiter. She remembered me well, and asked about my other friends who never come anymore too. She was surprised when I introduced Iki, and was really curious who the father is. She said that she might remember a Japanese guy whose similar face with Iki, who came to that restaurant frequently with me hahaha. Hopefully someday we could go to that restaurant again with Hiro (^__^).

We had dinner there with Tina, Tasya and Arief. Iki happily finished his big bowl favourite udon and we were all having fun. Thank you for accompanying me revisiting that "important" restaurant!


benova said...

Di mana to IKI restoran?

Hmmmm....sweet memory yah.....hahaha.

imoet said...

di darmo park, Nov. sebranganne Shangrilla :)
he eh, sweet memory :p