Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mysterious "Gaby"

I read about this mysterious song when I browsed tonight.

Written there that the story behind this song is now famous and controversial. It's being discussed through weblogs, mailing lists, radio request, or even TV program. No one knows who composed, sang, and then uploaded the song. People believed that the singer composed the song herself based on her heartbroken story after her boyfriend died from accident. She (named GABY, or GEBY, or EGA) committed suicide by hanging herself after recording (and uploading?) that song. Of course there are several versions of the story, but the outlines were about the same.

There are rumors too that people who listen to this song could end up their lives the same way.

I was curious and searched for this song at YouTube.

And fell in love with the song in a minute. I don't care about the rumors, whether it is really true or only marketing strategic, but for me this song is calming. "Gaby" (or whoever she is) has voice with unique character, and the rythm is light and addictive :p, though the lyrics is really sad. For me, it's a nice piece of art (^__^)


Interested to read about Gaby? Here is one link (which for me is a summary of the story) - in Indonesian :)


benova said...

kok merinding berani dah ndengerin hahahahha.

benova said...

kamu tau gak Mut, abis baca ini (gak ndengerin sih), malamnya aku ngimpi di suatu ruangan aku ama bbrp teman gituh ndengerin lagunya dan tiba2 .....emang "ada yg dateng" huahahahhaha.