Friday, June 13, 2008

Jammed finger

I was preparing dinner when Iki played with my chair. I told him not to otherwise he could get his fingers jammed, but he gave me a blunt NO answer. Just before he really jammed his finger!!

He cried his eyes out for over an hour. I was so panic, trying to calm him down and trying to look for information on how to heal the pain. The web said that I should soak the jammed finger into cold water for about 20 minutes but Iki didn't want to. I used all my power to hug him but he's way too strong for me. We spilled the cold water on the floor as the result. I tried to use wet cold towel then, and ice in towel; but he refused. He said that it was too painful. His cry was breaking my heart. At last I just hugged him tightly and talked to him.

Then the phone rang, it was my mother in law. She was surprised and worried to hear Iki's cry and rushed coming to our place. Oh well.....they shouldn't. They really shouldn't. But would they ever listen to me?!?!

Anyway then Iki said that he was hungry so I fed him, cleaned his body up and prepared him to sleep. My parents in law then came bringing all their food, because eventually my father in law hadn't finished his dinner when he heard about Iki.

Iki is sleeping now. He got his finger swollen and blue, but he didn't cry anymore. Before leaving, my mother in law said that there will be lots of accidents in the future, especially because Iki is a boy. Oh man.....I'm not prepared for another heart attack (>.<)

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