Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Surabaya's Leftover Stories

I got my photos trapped in Hiro's Nokia (I used his mobile when I was in Surabaya) and didn't know how to publish it to the web or transfer it to PC (Hiro has the data cable), so I had to wait for his coming back to Japan to be able to transfer them to my computer. So here they are, my leftover Surabaya's stories (^___^)

I met these "weird" people on my first day in Surabaya (not the day of arrival - it was almost midnight!). My old friends from excellogix and university (Valens and Enyo - she took the picture). It was really nice to meet them again, still with the same silly old jokes. Thanks for the gift for Iki too. He remembered it well. He said: "Nyo gave!" hahahaha *sorry, Van :p*.

I went to my university, Widya Mandala Kalijudan after visiting Enyo's studio. This is it, a place where I spent the marvelous four years obtaining my degree, being active in organization, making friends, learning about life values, making money, and making boyfriends hahaha. Four important years that brought me the way I am now :)

This is the canteen, that served expensive (for me, at that time) yet delicious meal. Too bad I didn't have much time (and empty storage in my stomach) to try the food there, but I think I will someday. When I took this photo surprisingly I saw familiar faces. Some students from electrical engineering who usually gathered there when I was a student, about 8-9 years ago! Felt like dejavu, haven't they graduated yet?! hahaha. But seemed that it was a small reunion afterall.

I went to the small warungs beside the motorbike parking area. Felt hungry in a minute I saw the snacks stalls I used to know! So I bought this siomay bandung, complete with the spicy peanut sauce. Look at how the "ibu" prepared my order. It was a very cheap and delicious snack :p

I also bought pisang molen there (rolled banana). But now the "bapak" made some improvisation and also sold rolled chocolate and cheese, still at the same price with 8-9 years ago, IDR 100 per piece. But in much tinier size now haha

I also got the chance to eat this Ote Ote Porong again with Enyo. No, I didn't go to Porong! I didn't have to hahaha. I could buy it at a small branch shop on HR. Muhammad street. It was huge and fatty but Oh so delicious.

I went to Sidoarjo with Enyo to visit Pei's mom who just got operation. We had dinner at Bu Kris then. Look at that Bakwan pedes penyet, ati & jeroan, with garang asem, and huge "es sirop"!! Bu Kris' chilli sauce was still the best!! God, I'm drooling now

And this Coto Makassar was my late at night "snack". I actually was too full but couldn't resist to stop when we saw the blue Coto Makassar warung nearby my apartment. It was indeed a very high cholesterol late snack (especially after I also ate lever before at dinner), but very very delicious! I finished it to the last drop of its soup. I could hardly breath, or walk, or speak after that!! LOL

I had this "es campur" when I met Vitria at TP :p. Soooo sweeet!!!!

Does any of you know this Roti Sisir Matahari?! I found this by accident when I went to Hokky (big fruit shop). As suggested by Enyo, I warmed it a bit by microwave and the taste was even better!!

And this is what I had for dinner with Vivi. Ikan Bakar Primarasa. It was so tasty, sweet but not too sweet. The meat was soft and not too dry. Perfect. And the sambal!!!!! GOD!!!!!

Which Terang Bulan is the most delicious?? For me it was the one Vivi bought me at San Fransisko Terang Bulan on Jl. Jagalan. My cousin brought me Holland Terang Bulan few days before, but it was nothing. Really. This Terang Bulan was so chocolaty, cheesy, and nutty. OK! the most delicious ever!

And this is the very nice ending of my trip. Nasi Bebek Canggih. Arrgghhhh I hate writing this now because I can't stop myself drooling. A piece of deep fried duck's thigh on a plate of hot steam rice, with its special maduranese style sauce on top. The red chilli sauce there made me sweating, because it was really really spicy, hot and uenaaaak! Is there no possibility to send this food to Japan??!?! :p

It was indeed a perfect journey. I regretted that I was not allowed to go to one hour clubbing at Desperados with Arief by my Dad (I shouldn't tell him that I was about to go there. Really shouldn't!!!), but yeah well....I'm not going to ask for more. It was already a satisfying holiday afterall (^___^)


Carla said...

aduh kangen makanan surabayaaaaaaaa!!! memang disitu gudangnya makanan. tapi kamu kok masih perlu izin clubbing? serasa balik di sekolah. hihihi

mamanya Rui said...

Kampus Kalijudan udah banyak berubah ya, Moet. Beda banget ama jamanku dulu. Pangling beneran.

The Diva said...

ahahhahaahah lha manganmu sak gitu akehe mau gak bloating and full piye??? hahaha aku ae rasane nggak kuat nek suruh midnight snack coto makasar.

Soto Banjar-mu piro kali mbokparani? Hihi.

Duh kangen WM juga. Kangen kantin, kangen ngemil batagor gorengan dll itu.
Pertanyaanku sama kyk Carla, hahaha sejak kapan kamu pake ijin clubbing?

Kupikir cuma aku.
La, aku udah lama nggak di sekolah tapi clubbing tetep gak boleh kok (X__X)

yun said...

Nasi bebeknya gak kuku deh *sambil ngelap iler pake handuk gede"

Ote-otenya bikin horny *sambil ngepel iler yang netes dilantai"

Bakwan penyetnya bikin frustasi *sambil mati'in monitor trus ngosongin ember penuh iler*

imoet said...

aduh iya la, aku yang baru balik sini aja udah ketes2 lagi iler kalo liat foto2nya :p
dulu gak perlu ijin clubbing soalnya kan gak tinggal bareng ortu huehehe. kalo mereka tau mana boleeeeh. kolot itu atuhh

mamanya rui,
iya mbak, bangunan coklat kayak dinoyo itu emang baru selesai dibangun di tahun2 terakhir aku kuliah kok :). kalo ke surabaya, coba deh main kesana hahaha

mana tahan melewatkan makanan2 itu la?!?! :p
yah...aku ngerti gimana rasanya punya ortu kolot kok la. ortuku juga mana mungkin kasih ijin clubbing. dulu2 itu aja mereka gak pernah tahu huehuehe

hihihi anggap referensi buat kalo pulang surabaya ae yuuuun :)). jok ngiler2, sakno bayimu haha