Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today's meal

I took out my Indomie's stock from the box for satisfying my junk food need this morning :p. Indomie Kari Ayam (my favorite) with egg. Yummy!

Iki helped me out with the cabbage this afternoon. He just torn the leaves using his hands. It was the first meal with not-properly-cut-into-good-shape ingredients I served for Hiro, and he didn't complain. So I think that it is actually OK not to cut veggies in "japanese standard" cutting haha ( would save A LOT of my time, really!)

This was our lunch. Simple Yaki Soba - Japanese fried noodle

Hiro and I went to Ikebukuro for a quick date while my parents in law were here. We felt hungry and had a short stop over at Doutor coffee shop. Here I present the most delicious hotdog I've ever had. Spicy Bacon Dog from Doutor! I guess there will be a lot of visit for that hotdog in the future :p

And this was our dinner: Unaju. Unagi in jubako (square obento box). The unagi (eel) was very soft and the sauce over the rice was really tasty. Iki also ate a lot. Total damage was 8.800 yen, which is equal to (about) IDR 750,000 for four Unaju. I could eat Nasi Bebek Canggih in Surabaya for four persons for 15 times!!!


yun said...

Masak indomie juga ahhhh :D Hhhmmm.. pasti yummy

imoet said...

YUN!! Ibu hamil jangan makan Indomie ahh!!!!! :p