Monday, June 30, 2008

Going to The Zoo

Yesterday we went to Ueno Zoo. The weather was not good in the morning, but we promised Iki that we couldn't change our plan. Luckily it got better in the afternoon. Not too hot, but not raining *phew!*

Unlike our previous visits to the zoo, this time Iki was big enough to enjoy. He knew which animals he wanted to see, so we "visited" them based on Iki's order. Monkey - elephant - lion - gorilla - penguins - bear - and goat (mbeeeek :p)

He actually was tired and sleepy already after lunch, but got really excited to play at the baby animal zoo, where children are allowed to touch the animals. Iki played with the goat and chicken (only those two animal went out of the cage at that time). At first he was scared but then he enjoyed himself chasing the hen and goats. Poor animals. They must be frustrated having those wild children chasing and touching them!!!

Unfortunately he lost interest on the other animals as he saw the monorail that connected two parts of the zoo. He wanted to ride it and kept saying "papa, densha! papa, densha! papa, densha! all the way to other animals. And when papa-chan took a brief break for smoking he whined to me "mama, train! mama, train! mama, trainnnnn" (>.<) So he got what he wished, but he headed back home afterwards.

Because he was sleepy anyway, and I got no more power to walk with my high heels (@_@)

Oh...he found this Thomas ride nearby the zoo's exit :p

Arghhh look at me in that photo!! I seriously must start exercising again (_ _o)

It really was a great weekend!


Lady in Red said...

Waaa! Gimana gak pegel, Mama-chan, ke zoo koq pake high heels :D... Dasar Mama-chan mau tetep keren, but I bet it was worth it :D.... Kadang aku juga maksain 'menderita' demi tetep keren :p

Look at you on that photo? What's wrong? All I could see are those two YUMMY THINGS under your shirt... *ngakak* :D

Iki is so cute... He's such a big boy now!
I agree, I feel sorry for those abused animals being chased by the kids... Oh well, they'll go to animal heaven when they die because they've entertained the kids and made them happy... :D

imoet said...

hehehehe ya begitulah. keren itu memang "mahal" hahahah

dasar kamu yang dilihat yang empuk2 tok. trust me, sekarang berat badanku yg terberat setelah 2 tahun (>.<)

thanks :p. iya...gak kerasa dia udah bukan bayi yang dulu cuma makan-nangis-beol-pipis :p. duh beneran kasihan deh binatang2 itu. semoga merea bener2 masuk surga :))