Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tempura's Muffin Tin Monday

This was Iki's dinner last night.

I couldn't find shrimp at the nearest supermarket yesterday so I could only prepared vegetables tempura + Hotaru Ika (lightly boiled small squids - the purple colored one), of course with steamed rice and tofu miso soup. He was still excited to see his muffin tin plate and ate greedily.

From top left - clockwise: gobo + carrot tempura, onion tempura, sweet potato tempura, perilla leaves tempura, hotaru ika, pumpkin tempura.

I think I'm having PMS so yesterday my cooking mood was ruined. I didn't bother to cut the vegetables based on its ruled size (I was too lazy to take my cutting board with ruler from the closet :p) I thought it would be OK. They looked more or less the same anyway. But papa-chan spotted it in a second and complained a lot. It was just 2 mm different, for God's sake!!! hahahaha

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