Monday, July 14, 2008


Hiro left Japan this morning already. It explained why I lost my blogging mood last week. I spent my only available free time at nights with papa-chan. Either packing-unpacking-and packing his stuffs, had long midnight chats, or simply watching Japanese drama together.

I miss him, I really do. And so does Iki. This afternoon he told me that he missed papa-chan and wanted to give his lovely Hippochan to him. Papa-chan is leaving for a business trip for AT LEAST two months (well, talking about his company, no one could ever have exact schedule!). Then hopefully we could join him asap. I enjoy living in Japan. I just started my life here, with many friends and long list of activities. I like the facilities, safety, efficiency, and practical life here too. I could feel that this is my home, but now something is missing. I don't mind to leave whatever I enjoy in Japan to be able to live together again, even at a small village in the middle of nowhere.

But I feel really lucky that Iki is still a toddler now. My friend whose husband is going to be sent to the same place with Hiro is now really sad because they couldn't live together for about three years. The kids are at school age, that they have to live at bigger city that has International school (which is 10 hours drive plus more than 2 hours flight away from their father). Oh boy....guess this will happen to us also later!

Last night we had a small farewell dinner. Everyone enjoyed it. Even Iki behaved and ate all his food without any shout from me :p.

This is our wagyu steak last night. Papa-chan was the chef.

With a bottle of Chianti wine, my favourite.

And this is the last picture taken before papa-chan dropped my camera and broke it (T_T)

I hope two months will pass in a blink. I'll try to be busy and enjoy our leftover days in Japan with Iki. Hopefully I would always be too tired to feel lonely at night (^_-)


The Diva said...

aduhhh big hug..
i knew you were busy last week, i felt that it was because papa-chan is leaving...

don't be sad ya Mutmut... kalo weekend nganggur, online aja, i'll be online too, esp. on Sunday!!! It's always lazy sunday for me, kalo saturday i'm usually out shopping.

kamu juga boleh telepon kok... tapi beda waktunya agak susah sih ya...

you can mail me anytime. Oh I know, I'll send you funny e-mails everyday (I always get funny mails at work in my spam!!!)
From now on you'll get funny mails from me to cheer up your day !!!!!!!Promise!!!

imoet said...

thanks a lot for the support ya. also for the daily emails. kalo udah jam setengah 3 siang dapet email gitu biasanya ngikik2 sendiri.

it means a lot to me. thanks again :)