Monday, July 07, 2008


We are at the hospital now for Iki's yearly check up. We have it earlier this year because papa-chan is leaving Japan next week.

His condition now is actually disturbed my mind.But I'm not a profesional that I don't know until what level would it be considered alright.

One thing for sure, I don't want him to have any operation anymore.....


mama keisya said...

haloo.. salam kenal ya.. dpt alamat blog ini dari blognya nova. anaknya sakit apa? koq sampai operasi..

The Diva said...

so how was it?????????????

Lady in Red said...

I pray for Iki so he won't need another operation ever again...

imoet said...

mama keisya,
salam kenal juga :)
hmm hypospodia namanya. kelainan bawaan di penis sejak lahir :)

he is alright. not perfect but alright. the doctor will check iki again when he's 4 years old.

thank you so much :).