Monday, July 28, 2008

Our future neighborhood?

I got these pictures from Hiro this morning.

A house. Not an apartment anymore.
With space where I could have some real gardening. Not on small pots on the veranda anymore.
Perhaps a bit more space where Iki-chan can have a small sand box, or a small plastic pool to play in, or a small slide and a small wooden swing?
Or perhaps a back garden too, where we could have BBQ with our new friends? :p

Look at that! A beautiful lake within walking distance!
And I think city center can be reach by bicycle too :p

Isn't it cool?

Would this place be our future neighborhood?! (^_^) I would love to!!!


Lady in Red said...

Whoo hoo! Looks promising, Moet... When you move to one of the house you can have a house warming party! Pity we can't come... :p

The Diva said...

I remember my childhood in Masohi, a small village in central Moluccas.
Hiks, it was definitely the best time of my childhood memories... living near the beach, near water, swimming, playing with kampung kids, having no barriers, let alone elevators and walls to separate the lives.

Neighborhood kampung selalu menyenangkan dan hangat... where everybody knows your name and you know everybody... (of course also being busybodied by everyone, but where on earth could you find a place with no nosy people these days? Hahahaha)

WAaah jadinya dapet rumah kontrakan nggak?????
Keren dehhh tempatnya, tell HIro I LOVE the lake the most!

benova said...

wah keren juga ya...

Perumahannya jg apik. Waduuuh...lak kamu party terus nih kekekek, main ke danau..hahahha.Never been to Lake..
Jadi kapan berangkat?

-tanya- said...

Tante Imoet, ini mamanya Ken-kun gentian mampir :)
mau pindah keluar Jepang ya? pindah kemana tho tante?