Sunday, July 20, 2008

Single for a day

My husband is abroad and my son excitedly said goodbye to me when his grandparents picked him up yesterday morning. What could be better? haha.

So eventhough it was damn 35 degrees celcius, I was off to enjoy my single day. At first I went to Omotesando area to pick up my sunglasses at Oliver Peoples, and then had a bit walk. It is a very fashionable and expensive area. I could see row of branded shops, from Channel to Louis Vuitton, crowded with customer at that very first day of summer holiday. How Japanese love branded goods!!.
I enjoyed watching pretty women in their most fashionable outfits, as much as watching the hot guys. I saw this very handsome one, sitting in front of me on the train. He has beautiful nose and lips. I regretted that I had to get off at Shibuya haha.

It was the last day of summer sale every shop was jammed with people. I lost my shopping mood yet could buy two tops and a cheap big sunglasses :p.

It was indeed a satisfying single day (^_^)


The Diva said...

beli sunglasses apa Mut?
kok pakek pesen di Oliver Peoples segala? hihihi seneng ya jalan2 belanja sendirian? I know that feeling!!!!!
tapi cuma seneng kalo ada duit dan kalo nggak rame, hahahahaha... dasar.

anywayss, mana foto dirimu?
summer day enak ya, disini summer malah hujan terus, payahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Lady in Red said...


Senangnya having a single day... I'm desperate (literally!) to have a day like this...

I'm glad you went and enjoyed the day even though it's a really hot day... If I were given a day like this, I'd brave not only a hot day, but stormy one too :D

@the diva
Lho, hujan La? Gimana bbq-an nya?? Aku blom ke blog-mu, abis pake harus buka IE sedangkan aku udah banyak buka program nih :p

imoet said...

summer = sunglasses la :p
itu hadiah dari hiro sebelum dia berangkat kapan hari. katanya biar sama merk sama sunglassesnya dia hahaha.
blanja kalo penuh sesak ama orang bikin sumpeekkk.
ya enak la, summer. tapi sekarang temperatur mulai melebihi angka 35 derajat. gak kuattt

yeah...single day itu berharga buanget buat ibu2 kayak kita!!! :p