Thursday, July 17, 2008


After throwing out garbage into the public trash bin, I planned to bring Iki playing at the park. As usual, I put on light make up first before going out. It was when my eyes spotted something yellowish, moving slowly among my front hair.

It was a small caterpillar!!!!
On my hair!!!!

I screamed my heart out, trying to find something to take it out of my hair. Shocked Iki gave me tissue, and without thinking I used it to grabbed that damn little moving thing from my hair. I was just a bit too strong. I squeezed that poor animal. I wanted to cry to see some yellow liquid mixed with the crashed caterpillar on my hair and forehead (>.<).

What a bad start of this very hot day!! (34 degrees, for God's sake - and it surely will get hotter and hotter in coming weeks)


Rita said...

KO' bisa ya tiba2 ada dalem rumah? ikkhh geliiii, gak gatel ya :D

Lady in Red said...


Eugh! I'm thinking about the crushed caterpillar, not because I sympathise the damn thing but it's just disgusting.... Yuck!

Guess what, Moet, barusan aku jalan ke depan rumah abis belanja ada ulet bulu item kecil di jalan. I'm cursing my self out, they shouldn't be out yet it's still winter!

Anyway, I'm glad you killed it. Thanks to Iki too who provide the killing tool, i.e. a piece of tissue :D

34? That is hot!

imoet said...

Mbak Rita,
Aku abis buang sampah itu. Pasti ada ulet yang terjun bebas dari aats pohon iiihhh

Hahaha aku membayangkan kamu ngetik komen itu dengan penuh kebencian :))
iiihhhh aku inget2 si ulet sialan itu sampe merinding nih! yang namanya rambut aku gosok abis2 an kemaren. jidat juga. sampe merah :))