Friday, July 18, 2008

Tonari no Totoro (となりのトトロ)

I watched this movie before actually, the English version: My Neighbor Totoro, when we lived in Korea. At that time I just thought that this movie was fun, and a very good animation.

But today I watched the Japanese version one, with some of my friends plus the kids. I felt really different this time. I love this animation!! Somewhat I felt that it was really funny and touching in its real language, Japanese. And perhaps watching it together with friends plus the wild screams and laughs from the children made it even more interesting.

Too bad then the kids were starting to be sleepy and became grumpy so we all decided to stop watching and went back home :(. I think tonight I couldn't sleep thinking about this cute Totoro. I hate not to be able to watch it until the end *sigh*

This is a definitely recommended movie. You can read about this old animation (1988) here in Wikipedia, if you are interested. But for your information, this movie is still in everyone's heart after 20 years!!!

It was really a relaxing afternoon with some friends accompanied by Totoro-chan :p, though it was hot and raining and humid (_ _;)

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