Sunday, July 27, 2008

A treat to myself

This afternoon I had a late lunch at Ikebukuro alone after cleaning up the house the whole morning (at last! :p). Since Hiro was away, this living room has become our bedroom too. This time of the year I feel lucky that we are using Japanese style bed, that can be fold during the day and moved anywhere easily. We only bought one air conditioner and put it in the living room. I hardly want to go to the other rooms during the day then (read: I don't want to clean those rooms too). Classic reason, because it's very hot there!! :p

Anyway this was a treat to myself today: Chilimenjako to mentaiko spaghetti with Mayonaise (Spaghetti with anchovy and spicy cod roe topped with mayonaise). Something I would never try if I dine out with Hiro :p. I'm leaving Japan soon, so suddenly today I wanted to try something with Japanese' extraordinary menu.

It was shocking at first, but actually it didn't taste bad :). I think those green things you could see on the picture ruined the taste!! (and made my mouth smelly, huh!)

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yun said...

Kayaknya hampir setiap masakan Jepang ditaburin ijo2 itu yah??
Itu khan daun bawang?
My tips, bawa selalu mint, menghilangkan BM sesudah makan..hehehe :D