Saturday, July 26, 2008


Papa-chan has been away for two weeks. I haven't cried or longed for him yet :p. First because we still could communicate everyday (thanks to Skype), and second because I try to make myself busy and I think I'm successful!

Thanks God I have a lot of friends that keep me "occupied". In a day I could have two appointments with two different groups of friends. By the end of the day then we both are tired already, so that we could enjoy our relaxing night time, and sleep in no difficulty at all.
  • I could spend one day going to Saitama to visit Nova and Kiyo.
  • I could spend the other day playing at the park with Tateyama, went back home for a shower, and met her again for having lunch together. In the evening then I met Tomomi (with her son, Aki-kun) for some shopping and walking around the neighborhood.
  • I could also spend the rest of afternoon having lunch with Keiko and her daughter Sakurako after Iki's swimming class; and then having pizza party for dinner with Aki (with her daughter, Hanon) and Na young (with her son, Kenshin), and went back home a little bit too late :p.
  • I even spent my supposed-to-be-staying-at-home Saturday with Tomomi at The Children Support Center today.

Meanwhile I also already have long list of appointments for the coming weeks. Including visiting Iki-chan's grandparents tomorrow, visiting Rui, lunch at my place with Tomomi, meeting Misao, visiting Emmy in Sendai, visiting Aki's new house at Saitama, and going to Ropponggi with Aki and Na Young (minus the kids - we plan to leave them with the grannies!).

I think I must start "thinking" to find some free time for sorting and packing our stuffs already. We are moving out of Japan soon!!!! (^___^)

For you who are still interested to get my blog's 4th birthday giveaway, there's still time to give comment until July 30th. Who knows if you're the lucky one :p!

I actually really want to upload my "busy" days photos with my friends, but Japanese don't like publicity. They won't be happy to see their faces on the web :p

Anyway I'm enjoying my days here. Our last few months of living in Japan. I'm both sad and happy leaving what I already have now. Sad because I have to say goodbye to those very nice friends and in-laws. Happy because we're going to live together again with papa-chan, and start a new life again at a completely new place........

PS: this post is an answer to Diva's emails too. Thanks for making me smile -or laughing everyday :)


The Diva said...

hahahahaha dasar PENGACARA, pengangguran banyak acara!!!

I also want to have such activities... hiks... busy meeting people but not busy working, huhuhu.

imoet said...

ah bukan pengangguran itu namanya. profesiku kan housewife and mother. salah satu job nya housewife ya "socializing" hehehe *alesaannn*